The Don Cosmé Experience

Every single step in making Don Cosmé tequilas happens in Jalisco, Mexico. Under the watchful eye of our Master Distillers, each batch is crafted to perfection before it’s bottled and ready for our customers to enjoy.

Our process is complex. Our attention to detail ensures Don Cosmé tequila stands the test of time.

The Region

For over a century, Los Altos de Jalisco, or the Jaliscan Highlands, are the heart of the world’s famed Tequila production. Don Cosmé Tequilas grow at a high elevation which produces a smoother, more tropical tequila. Soil and climate define the tequila's flavor, just like a fine wine. When the agaves grow at a higher elevation, they are exposed to more sunlight which promotes complex sugars, viscosity and a robust weight for an advanced agave flavor. At Don Cosmé, we hold on to tradition, but also leverage innovation to meet supply and demand, because we know the agave spirit is a precious gift and should always be carefully nurtured and protected.

The Grow

Don Cosmé tequilas are created using 100% Weber Blue Agave. These majestic plants are native to Jalisco and thrive at altitudes of 5,000 or higher. Blue Webers have an extremely high amount of sugars called agavins. Each plant is nurtured and cultivated by Jimadors who tend to them as the Agaves grow to a height of seven feet within five years of planting.

The Cook

Our carefully selected agave hearts (or piñas) are slowly steam-roasted in our traditional stone-walled brick ovens called hornos for 36 to 54 hours. Nearly 300 piňas – about 40 tons of agave – can be cooked in each hornos. This traditional art of slow cooking prevents the cooked agave from caramelizing while softening the fibers and transforming the starches into fermentable sugars. Hornos ovens retain the sweet natural mellow flavors of each agave plant.


Don Cosmé uses a time-consuming fermentation process that requires 48- to 60-hours to create our full-bodied agave tequila taste. Slow fermentation brings out the robust flavor of each batch of piñas we cook. By comparison, some tequilas are fermented only 10- to 12-hours which results in a bland flavor. We use fermentation tanks that hold nearly 8,000 gallons each – about 30,000 liters. A special blend of naturally occurring yeast and flavors are added to the agave juice to create:

  • Añejo – a rich blend of cooked agave with hints of oak, chocolate, light fruit and raisins. Our complex recipe evokes the traditional flavors of vanilla and caramel
  • Reposado – Blue Agave plants, skillfully harmonized with vanilla, light fruit, caramel and chocolate, create our lush, smooth Reposado tequila
  • Blanco — sweet mélange of pears, sage and vanilla flavors with the herbal aroma of raw agave

The resulting sweet liquid, called beer, contains an alcohol content of between five and nine percent by volume. Distilling can now begin.

The Distillation

The fermented beer is distilled twice using a slow process that takes five or more hours. We use an alembic still commonly known as a pot still. Some producers utilize what’s called a column still which distills at a very high alcohol content level but produces the flavorless tequila we mentioned before.

The first distillation separates and concentrates alcohol from the fermented beer. The resulting alcohol content from this step is approximately 25% and creates a tequila quite high in volatile alcohols such as methanol, isopropanol, and ethyl acetate. Removing the heads (or methanol) is different from the second distillation, which removes the tails (or certain alcohols and the vinaza or pulp), which is unlike nearly all other tequila makers.

The Aging

Each Don Cosmé product is aged in white oak barrels to bring out the distinctive flavor.

Añejo – carefully aged for 12-months and beyond

Reposado – restfully aged for 3- to 12-months

Blanco – perfectly smooth right after distilling is complete

Please Drink Responsibly

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